Podcast Audits

Want to make sure your podcast is Red Hat-worthy?

Get a thorough review of all podcast components and walk away with an in-depth analysis of what you’re doing great, where there is room for improvement, and what steps you should start taking right away. 

We look at:

  • Creative assets including the name, description, and cover art
  • Episode details including show notes, content, and episode pages
  • The technical pieces including audio and video quality, editing, and your website
  • The details that keep your show growing, including marketing, consistency, messaging, and overall quality

Branded Podcast Launch

Connect with your customers in all new ways.

Boost your brand and grow your client roster with a custom, done-for-you branded podcast. 

During the 16-week program, you’ll get full-service support and creation for everything:

  • Ideation, concept, and creative assets
  • Defining the purpose, message, and call-to-action that support your business 
  • Full, turnkey production of the first 10 episodes
  • Launch support and marketing to take your show from an idea to a must-listen
*Continued production and marketing support after 10-episode launch is available.

One-on-One and Group Coaching

You're not on this creative journey alone.

With budget-friendly packages for independent creators and professionals alike, get the support you need to produce a show that’s heard above the noise.

Group Coaching for Indie Creators

Meet virtually every month with your pocast coach and a group of like-minded podcasters to learn and grow together, get answers to your most pressing questions, and accountability partners to keep you from podfading. Plus, email support throughout the month when issues or questions come up.

One-on-One Coaching for Professional Podcasts

Weekly calls with your coach to discuss everything you need to take your show to the next level, including monetization strategies, tech and equipment, marketing, and creative ways to grow your show. 

Business Consulting

Scale your business with a new perspective.

Sometimes, growing a business means stepping out of your comfort zone. Take the first steps with the support of a consultant who has been there and brings fresh eyes and creative ideas. 

Build on your current plan or start from scratch, with support in areas including:

  • Messaging and branding for yourself and your business
  • AI and operational efficiency 
  •  Your current goals and those you haven’t thought of yet

This weekly supportive program begins with a full audit of your business as it stands, a deep dive into what you want to become, and an action plan to help you get there.


Red Hat Media is known throughout the industry for being innovative, creative, and high-quality. 

For your show to be Red-Hat worthy, you need to embrace what makes you stand out and lean into your unique story.

Podcasting has exploding in popularity over the last decade and offer business owners the unique opportunity to build a community around their brands and connect with their audience in more athentic ways. 

You can learn more about why your brand needs a podcast in this video by Red Hat leader Larry Roberts.