Top AI Jobs To Help You Compete in the Job Market

On Good Morning Texas, I shared my take on the top AI jobs to look out for.

On June 28, I was invited to appear on Good Morning Texas to talk about how you can use AI tools to stay competitive in the job market. As a podcast producer, I use AI tools every day to help me create content on a larger scale, and I was happy to share a few AI-focused jobs that I expect to grow in popularity over the next few years.


Prompt Engineer

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from AI users is they’ll use a tool like a Chat GPT but won’t get the results that they were after. This is such a common problem that it opens the door for a “Prompt Engineer” job. A prompt engineer designs and perfects the prompts according to a user’s goals to trigger the exact type of output that they’re looking for from these tools.

Application Developer

Application development is a hot topic right now, and for someone with a programming or development background, it’s the perfect way to enter the AI industry.

The big platforms that are releasing the various AI tools— like OpenAI which developed Chat GPT and Google which designed Bard—have software development kits that will allow developers to build custom applications for businesses.

If you have a technical background and some experience coding, now is the opportunity to leverage those toolkits to increase your resume.

AI Education

Getting the results we want from an AI tool is a learned skill because we need to know exactly how to prompt the tool. This creates an opportunity to teach businesses or individuals how to effectively use a specific AI tool.

For someone with a technical trainer background or experience as a teacher or a facilitator, if you’re able to learn an AI tool inside and out, you can monetize that skill by teaching it to others.

AI Consultant

This is the niche that I have found myself in, so I know from experience how lucrative it is. Because I was such an early adopter of AI, I have mastered tools like Chat GPT in ways that many others have not yet. 

As an AI consultant, I analyze a business’s processes and systems, find ways that various AI tools could improve performance and productivity, and then train their teams on how to effectively use those tools. 

Have questions about how you can launch a career in AI or start implementing AI tools within your business? Book a call with me and let’s chat.

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